Moves for Freight Management

Look for an Import and Export Management Company with a sophisticated technical infrastructure and suite of transportation logistics solutions, which adhere to international standards, and can be tailored to meet customer requirements.

A technical infrastructure that provides easy access to information through e-mail, SMS, fax, and the Internet is an essential part of a freighting company. The provision of accurate information and timelines is a critical component of the supply chain. Information you need to put your mind at ease should be available day and night, so you can manage the business of your move, efficiently and effectively.

Shipping Freight-The Pitfalls

First point of call is to choose a company that in terms of transportation logistics, offers you a level of service that you are happy with. They must meet the terms agreed upon. You need to make it clear from the beginning that if additional costs do occur, you need to be aware of them upfront. As far as payment is concerned, have your timelines in order and make sure you know when and to whom the payment will be made.

Shipping to another Country

You need to examine the laws of the country you are shipping too. For example, if you are shipping over a car, some countries have a surcharge on insurance for imported vehicles. The cost of your shipping will also depend on the size of the vehicle: so make sure you measure precisely and that you adhere to any rules concerning required modifications. It’s imperative that your paperwork is in order: get professional advice if need be. Expect import tax, additional documentation and loading fees when transporting to a foreign destination. Your freight company can fill you in on the relevant costs pertaining to each country.

Save Your Money

Look at delivering to a terminal instead of door-to-door delivery. A special delivery will also cost you more. Be flexible with your dates and times and rather wait for a shipment that is already delivering to your area – and you will save cash. In terms of vehicle carriers – an open one will be more cost effective, but your car will be exposed to outside elements, so the risk of damage is a reality. Shipping overnight will cost premium rates if you want the shipment delivered straight to your destination. Discounted offers are available with most companies if you open an account: this also allows you to pay on delivery.

Birthday Gifts and Small Packages

If you’re, dealing with relatively small shipping goods like books and CDs, or you’re an individual wanting to get a small gift across the Atlantic – you’re going to use one of the standard commercial or state postal services. Commercial freight companies are used for large items, when people are moving homes and businesses, across countries or abroad. Some freight haulers specialize in package shipping, and combining your goods with other shipments that are going to a nearby destination during the same time period will save you time and money.